Merger Consulting

Companies that plan are much more successful than those that do not. As Financial Advisor, Corfina can help clients to develop strategic plans that combine the financial potential of the transaction along with the goals and objectives of the company making the acquisition. Our many years of experience, combined with our practical, real-world experience in the marketplace, enable us to plan and identify potential merger/acquisition candidates.

This process includes analyzing the capital structure of our clients and determining the best ways to accomplish an acquisition or merger. We assist our clients in developing comprehensive financial plans with varied capital structures. We guide our clients toward an optimal financial structure for achieving their goals. Our support includes an evaluation of our client's company and the targeted merger/acquisition candidate. The information that we generate is critical when making decisions to acquire or merge.

Our reputation for confidentiality and discretion make us the logical choice for national and international firms and investors interested in acquiring business interests or investments in Indonesia.



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