Suryanto Wijaya (Head of Committee)

Suryanto Wijaya is the CEO and founder of Corfina. Mr. Wijaya began his banking career in 1985 when he joined Bank of Tokyo, as marketing officer. In 1986, he joined Citibank as Assistant Manager. For the next six years, Mr. Wijaya has been responsible as relationship managers for some of the biggest local and multinational corporate accounts in Citibank NA, Jakarta branch.

When he left Citibank NA, he was a Vice President with principal responsibility for Corporate Finance transactions. He joined an investment holdingcompany with interest in various industries, such as financial services, broadcasting, telecommunication, cigarette manufacturing and distribution and property development, as its Vice President - Finance and Business Development. During this assignment, Mr. Wijaya was also responsible as directors, commissioners and advisor to the board of directors. Since then, Mr. Wijaya has taken responsibilities in various local investment holding companies primarily in the areas of financial restructuring and business development.

Mr. Wijaya graduated from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology with a Master of Science in Electronic Engineering. While studying in Japan, Mr. Wijaya received a Japanese government scholarship and a South East Asia Student Scholarship. Mr. Wijaya also holds a license as Underwriter Representatives from BAPEPAM-LK, No. KEP-59/PM/IP/PEE/2000.

Bambang Rahardja (Eric) Burhan, CFA, CPA

Eric BR Burhan is Managing Director and Investment Committee member of Corfina Capital. Prior to joining Corfina, he worked with Citibank (Jakarta), Standard Chartered Bank (Jakarta) and CGU International (Hong Kong). His last position with Citibank, Jakarta was Vice President Corporate Bank and Standard Chartered Bank was as Country Chief Financial Officer. Eric BR Burhan has intensive experience in areas of Audit, Corporate Lending, Insurance, and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Eric BR Burhan graduated from Hull University, England, majoring in economics. He is a member of the Institute Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, and is licensed as Investment Manager Representatives (WMI) from BAPEPAM-LK, No.KEP-118/PM/WMI/2003. Bambang also holds Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

Irsanto Aditia Soeraputra

Irsanto has intensive experience in the field of capital market for more than 9 years. Launching his career as Portfolio Dealer at Pacific Duaribu Investindo and also has experiences in several Securities Company. He graduated from Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi & Perbankan (Jakarta) with a Bachelor Degree. Joined Corfina Capital since September 2009, he holds a license as Investment Manager Representatives (WMI) from BAPEPAM-LK, No.KEP-12/PM/WMI/2003, as well as a license as Broker Dealer Representatives (WPPE) from BAPEPAM-LK, No.KEP-57/PM/IP/PPE/2000, and also a license as Underwriter Representatives (WPEE) from BAPEPAM-LK, No.KEP-48/PM/WPEE/2003.

Gunawan Tjandra

Prior to joining Corfina Capital, Gunawan was a research and investment analyst. He graduated from Trisakti University (Jakarta), majoring in Engineering, and also from University of Indonesia, with a Master of Science in Accounting. Upon his graduation in 2003, he joined Corfina Capital as Fund Manager. Gunawan has received his license as Investment Manager Representatives (WMI) from BAPEPAM-LK, No.KEP-103/PM/IP/WMI/2001. Currently, Gunawan has also passed the examination Chartered Financial Analyst Level 2 (CFA Level 2).

Elisa Y. Wijaya

Prior to joining PT Corfina Capital, Elisa has acquired experience in Citibank (Jakarta), GMO Hosting & Security (Tokyo), and Royal Bank of Scotland Coutts (Singapore) during and post graduation.
Elisa graduated from University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley), majoring in a specialized field of economics, BS Environmental Economics and Policy. Elisa has received her license as Investment Management Representative (WMI) from BAPEPAM-LK, No.KEP-31/BL/WMI/2010.



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