Debt Settlement

At one time or another many companies find themselves overburdened with debt. This may be as a result of a decline in sales, rapid growth, unfavourable terms and conditions on existing debt or dramatic changes in the condition of the industry that affect a company's ability to survive. Our professionals at Corfina have the experience, competency and capability that are required to negotiate with lending institutions to restructure debt and make effective settlements.

As financial advisor we shall assist our client in restructuring their debts, establish new financing options to provide breathing room and the opportunity to move forward and grow. As intermediaries we are able to negotiate objectively and bring transactions to closure, thus avoiding conflict between client and lender. This permits our clients to maintain ongoing relationships with their lenders. Our professional presence provides rationality, reason and speed in bringing agreed-upon settlement programs to a successful conclusion. In most cases our way-outs have provided a better solution not only for the company but also for the lending institutions.



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