Corfina provides clients with experience, expertise, resources and focus required to complete a variety of corporate finance transactions. We do this with a firm understanding of the need for confidentiality. We have the knowledge and experience to successfully market a transactions and structure deals for our clients while maintaining the strictest of confidentiality. Our internal processes are built around checks and balances to ensure that complete client confidentiality is maintained. We routine deal with the following issues:

» Selling companies often do not want competitors, customers or employees to know or even be aware of the fact that the company is for sale. Our experienced professionals ensure that the transaction will be managed with total confidentiality until the sale is complete and the appropriate public announcement is made.
» Acquiring clients frequently insist that the target company does not know the identity of the acquirer. As financial advisors, we approach the target company, negotiate the transaction, conduct the due diligence and then bring in the acquiring company at the appropriate time. We striveto maintain strict confidentiality and protect anonymity of the acquiring company.
» In contacting potential lenders, acquirer, joint venture or strategic partners, we maintain strict client confidentiality until an appropriate confidentiality agreement is signed and our client protected.



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