Suryanto Wijaya
Chairman & CEO
PT. Corfina Capital
Message from the CEO

Corfina is a boutique financial firm. Our team consists of handpicked experts who share the same vision and mission alongside ever-growing opportunities in Indonesia. Through years of commitment, Corfina has built a reputation as an independent firm that prudently serves the needs of our valuable clients. Based in Indonesia, we are proud that Corfina achieves a strategic position at a time of growth and expansion in this country.

As we know, Japan Credit Rating Agency (JCR) has upgraded its rating of Indonesia’s sovereign debt to investment grade. Following such progress, other major rating agencies from mature markets are also keen in watching Indonesia’s robust fundamentals. A few years ago, S&P has raised its sovereign debt rating on Indonesia to one notch below investment grade. With the positive outlook, it is only a matter of time that the investment prospects in Indonesia will be fully recognized.

Behind confidence, comes reason. More than half of Indonesia’s population is in the productive, young working age. GDP per capita of Indonesia is above US$3,000 per capita. While the number may seem insignificant, it reflects a remarkable, doubling growth of GDP per capita in the last 6 years. In the fourth most populous country in the world, the potential in its young capital markets is evident. Mutual fund assets account for approximately only 6% of total saving and deposit in Indonesia’s banking system.

In efforts to stimulate the real sector business, the Government of Indonesia has allowed Asset Management Company (Investment Manager) to invest in real sector thru the Private Equity (RDPT) scheme. In support of this program, Corfina has committed to participate in Private Equity (RDPT) including but not limited to Inclusive Finance, Green Fund, and also Impact Investing to incubate the local Start-ups and UKMs (Small-Medium Enterprises). Through this Government program, the professionals at Corfina strive to contribute to the development of the real sectors in Indonesia.

It is an honor for me, as the CEO of Corfina, to spearhead such invigorating projects and work along with our team in Corfina.

January 18, 2015



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