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Information regarding Reksa Dana Corfina Bima Berimbang Penyertaan Terbatas can be obtained from the internet (Morningstar) and (Bapepam)

Investment Objectives

To provide medium to long term investment option to Professional Investors are controlled through investment in debt securities listed on Stock Exchanges both in both domestic or abroad. Equity securities traded on the Stock Exchange and equities are traded in both domestic and abroad and money market instruments with maturities of less than 1 (one) year issued in accordance with laws and regulations that apply in Indonesia, denominated in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), to obtain optimal results in the medium term.

Reksa Dana Corfina Bima Berimbang Penyertaan Terbatas Profile

Effective Date: February 22, 2010
Net Asset Value(NAV) /Unit *: IDR 5,613,414,774.41
Total Asset Under Management: IDR 274,108,657,971.26

Investment Costs

Management Fee:Max. 1% peryear
Custodian Bank Fee: Max. 0.2% peryear
Custodian Bank: Bank Mega Tbk.



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