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Information regarding Grow-2-Prosper Mutual Fund can be obtained from the internet (Morningstar) and (Bapepam)

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What is Grow-2-Prosper ?

Grow-2-Prosper is a product of Corfina Capital Equity Fund which aims to obtain an optimal level of funding growth while maintaining capital value in the medium and long term through the placement of funds in the equity and money markets. Selection of securities carried out through analysis and fundamental research with a through consideration of the risks that may a rise. In order to maximize the growth of investment, Grow-2-Prosper recommended for those who want to invest in along term, so get optimal results in accordance with investment risk. Corfina Capital believes that good investment management must consider the existing risk factors.

What are the advantages Grow-2-Prosper?

The Professional Management
The product is managed by PT Corfina Capital who has experience in capital markets and investment management based on extensive research on the industry concerned. Property portfolio stored at Deutsche Bank AG as the Custodian Bank
Opportunity to Various Investment Instruments
With a relatively small investment fund, you can gain access to various investment instruments.
Flexible Portfolio Composition
With a flexible composition, performance of Grow-2-Prosper can be optimized according to the situation and condition of Indonesian stock market is always changing from time to time.
Tax free
Results of reselling and profits which are obtained by Grow-2-Prosper at this time is not subject to tax. Periodic Report and Information Transparent Monthly Performance Report Grow-2-Prosper to investors are made regularly every month so as to provide transparent information.



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